The Oakland Free University is a community education project dedicated to creating free, accessible and exciting learning environments for its participants.


I. This document founds the Oakland Free University (hereinafter OFU) and forms the basis for its decisionmaking.

II. All decisions of the OFU are made through its central committee, designated the Table. All decisions, unless otherwise stipulated in this document or in the decisions of the Table, are by full consensus and are binding unless nullified by a subsequent decision. The Table will meet from time to time in person to conduct its business. A written record will be kept of all decisions made by the Table.

III. Members of the Table are to be named in this document, for full transparency. The founding members of the Table are David Brazil, Michael Cross, Sam Hilgartner, and Grant Kerber. The present members of the Table are David Brazil, Hadar Cohen, Michael Cross, Sam Hilgartner, Grant Kerber and Melissa Mack.

IV. Quorum of the Table is 75%.

V. New members may be added to the Table by a full-consensus decision. Members may be removed from the table by full-consensus-minus-one-vote.

VI. This document may be amended or augmented according to the consensus decision of the Table.


I. Any member of the public may submit a class proposal through the OFU website. The Table will evaluate proposals and decide by consensus whether to host a class. The decisions of the Table in this regard are final and without appeal.

II. Upon decision to host a class through OFU, a member of the Table will volunteer to coordinate with the proposer, to coordinate and support as appropriate.


I. Classes and events will be promoted through the website. The name of the webmaster will be incorporated into this document for transparency. The founding and present webmaster for oaklandfreeuniversity.org is Grant Kerber.


I. Conflicts among members of the Table are to be dealt with one-on-one, in good faith. If the conflict cannot be resolved between the two parties, either one may nominate another member of the Table as an adjudicator. If the conflict cannot be resolved with an adjudicator, the parties may convene a gathering of the Table to decide on the substance of the conflict. Such decisions are binding and without app